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  Holabird & Root Office Headquarters & Design Studios

Holabird & Root, LLC
140 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60603

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois
DATE BID: May 2006
Construction Period: May 2006 to Apr 2007
Total Square Feet: 20,244 Site: N/A.
Number of Buildings: One. 
Building Size: 4th floor, 1,820; 5th floor, 18,424; 
total, 20,244 square feet. Building Height: 4th floor, 12’; each additional floor, 12’; total, 26'. Basic Construction Type: Tenant Build Out. Foundation: N/A. Exterior Walls: N/A. Roof: N/A. Floors: Concrete, metal deck. Interior Walls: Metal stud drywall, CMU.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Reed Illinois Corporation - 600 W. Jackson Boulevard, #500, Chicago, IL 60661
MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Holabird & Root, LLC - 140 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60603

Holabird & Root recently designed a new studio in the Marquette Building, a classic Chicago School building the firm originally completed in 1896. Holabird & Root had not had offices in one of its own buildings since it left 333 North Michigan in 1941. Like many older office buildings, the existing floors were uneven after decades of different tenants and various floor treatments. In addition, the Marquette Building is off by 5 1/2-inches, because when the subway was dug, part of the building sank. Holabird & Root decided to use raised floors to create a level surface for the office. This floor also allows the firm to run data and phone lines freely below the floor, which is easier than running through conduit.

The design team drew upon the inherent strengths of the existing building, including gorgeous floor-to-ceiling Chicago-style windows and a wonderful site at the corner of Adams and Dearborn, across from the Federal Plaza. In order to take advantage of the windows, the mechanical systems run down the central spine, and the ceiling to either side is not dropped. The studio was developed with green LEED®-certifiable design, construction, and furnishings. The office uses plenum return and a lower pressure drop, which helps save energy on fan usage. Conference rooms are located along the east side of the building, with the two largest rooms on each corner, taking advantage of unobstructed views up and down Dearborn Street.

One of Holabird & Root's top priorities was to create a contemporary, technologically sophisticated office that would encourage productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction. To encourage collaboration, the studios are open and include teaming areas for group work, with project-specific document storage, table space, and cabinets that double as white boards. The workstation furniture is designed to adapt to various sizes and allows staff to more easily change workstation locations to accommodate changing project teams. The principals' offices run along the east side, with movable walls that allow the office to adjust to any changes in the number of principals in the future.

The entry lobby and circulation spaces are designated gallery areas, to celebrate current work and the 127-year history of the firm. The lobby incorporates a hanging cable system from the ceiling, making it easy to change photographs and other displays.

DIV. 9: Access Flooring: Haworth. 
DIV. 26: Lighting: Lutron.

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