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Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., Inc.

  Wellness Center at Meadows Regional Medical Center, Page 48Wellness Center at Meadows Regional Medical Center

3625 Brookside Parkway, #380, Alpharetta, GA 30022 

Vidalia, Georgia
Total Square Feet: 45,917
Construction Period: Apr 2004 to Mar 2005

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Robinson Associates - 5500 Oakbrook Parkway, #110, Norcross, GA 30093
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Winter Construction Co. - 1330 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Shepherd, Harvey & Associates - 4855 River Green Parkway, #400, Duluth, GA 30096 

The Wellness Center at Meadows Regional Hospital was borne of a shared vision to provide Toombs and Montgomery counties with more than rehabilitation and fitness services. Meadows Regional Medical Center and Toombs Therapy and Sports Medicine joined together to create a unique destination for wellness, prevention and health education. 

Meadows Regional Medical Center (MRMC) established a set of objectives to guide the creation of the wellness facility. First, they wanted to do more than absorb a successful independent business into the hospital. Second, the location needed to be easily accessible for community members. Third, there habilitation business, although part of the hospital, should retain its own identity. And last, they wanted to separate therapy into two segments, with inpatient therapy occurring at the hospital and outpatient at the new site. 

Bringing the vision to life required allot of square footage. Luckily a large warehouse was found that could be rehabbed for much less than the cost of building a brand new facility. 

The Educational Mall was the organizing concept for the design of the Center. With large amounts of anticipated users, a single entry point for security, control and health education was needed. Each user must pass through the educational mall, complete with museum quality display cases, providing MRMC with the opportunity to offer continuous medical educational. 

The Physical Therapy area was designed to be open to the fitness areas, yet securable in the evening and maintain a separate identity. The floor in Physical Therapy is "fuzzy vinyl" product. This was selected to soften the acoustical energy of a fitness center and provide a warm, low maintenance yet fun, environment for the medically necessary therapies. 

An indoor walking track was included in the plan. The positioning of the 1/10thmile oval around the existing column grid was a major influence on the arraignment of the other spaces. 

A 25-meter lap pool for lap swimming, water aerobics and therapeutic rehabilitation was dug from the existing slab. The partitions that separate the pools are the only partitions that reach to the roof structure. This was to contain the humidity and odor, while designing a designated, self-contained HVAC system. 

Low-maintenance, no-touch design features in the locker rooms and toilets included automatic flush valves, hand-washing faucets, and paper towel dispenser help reduce the spread of germs. 

The Doc's Cafe serves as a place to hang-out, get a drink and light meal. 

Additional classrooms for training hospital employees were added - including a 100-seat meeting room - with all available to the public. Meeting rooms include state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, motorized screens, overhead projection, and surround sound. 

The ultimate vision for the Wellness Center was to create more than a combined rehabilitation and fitness center, and to create a center of wellness, prevention and health education for the health of the employees and the community. Building on this goal of also providing health services, an orthopedic surgeon’s practice joined the facility and Phase II construction will add an imaging center and additional physician practices. 

The Wellness Center is a giant step toward a new model of healthcare that nurtures the mind as well as the body. The architect and owner's hope is to bring healthy lifestyles to the residents of Toombs and Montgomery counties, and their lives will become richer in the process. 

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