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  Crawford County Jail, Page 18Crawford County Jail
10901 Lowell Avenue, #280, Overland Park, KS 66210

Steelville, Missouri
Total Square Feet: 26,905
Construction Period: May 2002 to Aug 2003 

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Johnston Burkholder Associates - 930 Central Street, Kansas City, MO 64105
CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: Septagon Construction Company - 113 East Third Street, Sedalia, MO 65301
ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Bredson & Associates, Inc. - 9503 East 63rd Street, #214, Raytown, MO 64133

HMN provided full architectural services for The Crawford County Jail, a 75-bed indirect-supervision facility located on the banks of Yadkin Creek, a rock-lined trout stream in historic downtown Steelville, Missouri.

The layout has been refined to provide unparalleled views into the housing dayrooms and recreation areas from the central control room. Central control, which doubles as housing control, has a direct view of the booking control center down the central corridor.

Keeping circulation requirements to a minimum was a design criterion to help keep construction and staffing costs under control. As a result, many areas are programmed into the housing area. The recreation area and laundry area are both located in proximity to the dayrooms and central control. A central circulation corridor, fully visible from central control, provides access to all of the areas in the housing unit.

By locating a retracting overhead door high in the recreation area, a screened opening allows fresh air and daylight into the space. During inclement weather, the door is closed and the space tempered, allowing for year-round use. The recreation area is located within the housing area of the jail, and the inmates can walk from their dayroom to the recreation area without additional supervision. The control center has direct view into the recreation area.

The same is true for the laundry. The jail staff indicated their intent to use trustee labor to work the laundry. The corridor wall for the laundry is security glazed, similar to the dayrooms. Located directly across the corridor from central control, the trustees are able to walk from their housing unit directly to the laundry and perform their tasks under the direct observation of the control center, eliminating the need to tie up an officer with escort and supervision duty.

The central circulation corridor also provides access to the area programmed for future expansion of the jail.

The combined brick and split-face block exterior compliments the historic brick and stone buildings in the downtown area with an appropriate civic image. The jail design allows for future expansion on the existing site for up to 200 beds by taking new expansion to the west. The core support in the facilities is sized to allow for future expansion as well.

The site had to be built up in order to accommodate the flood plane, and due to the long, narrow composition of the site, the sheriff’s office was strategically located on two floors. Incorporated into the design were additional security measures, including CCTV capabilities in the control room and administrative area with features such as a pan/tilt/zoom function on a tower-mounted cam in the parking lot.

The incorporation of the Sallyport into the building proper allows the Sallyport to serve multiple functions, including space for processing vehicles for evidence. The vehicular Sallyport is sized to handle buses and type III ambulances.

DIV 07:
DIV 08: Detention Hardware: Southern Steel, LCN; Metal Doors & Frames: Willo Products Co.
DIV 09: VCT: Armstrong; Carpet: Mannington; Gypsum: National Gypsum; Metal Studs: Dietrich.
DIV 12: Detention Equipment: Willo Products Co.

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