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  WALA-TV, Fox 10, Page 44WALA-TV, Fox 10
Rees Associates
3102 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75214

Mobile, Alabama
Total Square Feet: 37,000
Construction Period: Jan 2001 to Mar 2002

Construction Team
General Contractor: Broadcast Building Company - 445-26 State Road 13, #394, Jacksonville, FL 32259
Structural Engineer: The Core Group - 1445 MacArthur Drive, #240, Carrollton, TX 75007
Electrical & Mechanical Engineer: DFW Consulting Group, Inc. 
- 8410 Sterling, Irving TX 75063
Landscape Architect: CSA Group, Inc. - 6300 Piccadilly Square Drive, Mobile, AL 36609
Cost Estimator: Broadcast Building Company - 445-26 State Road 13, #394, Jacksonville, FL 32259

The design for the WALA-TV was conceived from the beginning as a simple modular building. Starting with a rectangular structural grid, the building planning was kept simple and on a module that was consistent with the structure. The exterior is comprised of a pre-cast concrete wall panel that is textured and coated. The window openings are regularly placed and rhythmical. The single story flat roof building consists of two heights. Newsroom and studio facilities comprise the high bay portion of the building. The building has an internal tour route that showcases the technical core of the Fox affiliate. 

The design juxtaposes the modular concrete building enclosure against the bold structural frame of the broadcast microwave tower. The “X” bracing form of the 200-foot tall tower has been visually tied to the building in the form of horizontal steel crossing framework that is utilized for mounting the ever-changing satellite and antennae equipment.

Custom designed combination window shades and sunscreens provide sun screening for the long hot season of the south and responds to the ever-present potential of hurricanes along the coast of Alabama. The devices from day to night create a strong visual effect. Daytime conditions of changing shadows cast across the modular box of the building create strong visual interest. By night a theatrical effect is created by the internal illumination of the building. Shadows of interesting geometric forms enrich the buildings appearance.

The site context led to the diagonal orientation on the site. The site fronts two major roadways that lead away from the Mobile professional baseball stadium. The highly visible site was a factor in the site selection for the building. The diagonal orientation on the site gives equal emphasis to both roadways. The building placement forms a natural separation between the public side of the building and the staff and service side. Security is greatly enhanced and the security measures are not so obvious because the building forms the majority of the security separation.

A portico forms the main entrance side of the building. A southern traditional building form has been creatively re-defined. The entrance is both formal yet playful. Vegetation forms an oasis-like garden along the front of the building. Cables were used to form a trellis structure, which will form a shade structure as the vegetation matures.

The construction schedule was significantly reduced by the modular nature of the construction. Materials were selected for their durability and strength.

DIV 08: Metal Doors & Frames: CECO; Hardware: Yale Closers, Pemko Flatware.
DIV 09: Acoustical Wall Panels: Kinetics Noise Controls; Carpet Tile: Collins & Aikman.
DIV 10: Access Flooring: Tate Access Floors; Sunscreens: Dittmer Architectural Aluminum; Toilet & Bath Accessories: Comtec.

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