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  The Children’s Clinic, Page 23The Children’s Clinic
Hart Freeland Roberts, Inc.
7101 Executive, Center Drive, #300, Brentwood, TN 37027

Jackson, Tennessee
Total Square Feet: 15,395
Construction Period: Feb 1999 to Apr 2000

Construction Team
General Contractor: Watlington Brothers, Inc. - 2292 Highland Avenue South, Jackson, TN 38301
Structural Engineer: Hart Freeland Roberts, Inc. - 7101 Executive Center Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
Electrical Engineer: Hall Engineering, LLC - 1 A Street, Jackson, TN 38301
Mechanical Engineer: Peterson & Associates - 2003 Blair Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37212

Five physicians and one business manager threw the gauntlet based on their years of experience within the field of children#s healthcare: #Give us controlled yet separate and shareable workspace with the ability to segregate sick and well patients within a child#s ambience.# Therefore children were the focus of both the design and functionality of this clinic located in Jackson, Tennessee. Bright colors and large spaces help to convey a feeling of openness in the dual waiting areas which are available to separate well and sick patients. The use of large exterior windows, vaulted ceilings, and geometrically shaped cutouts in the high walls also lends to the airy atmosphere as well as the beach scene mural painted on the wall of the reception area. The exam rooms continue the playful atmosphere through the use of borders, ceiling tiles and artwork which reflect the theme of each doctor#s area, whether it be pets, trains, beach, jungle or balloons.

A pod concept was implemented when designing the exam space to allow for shareability among physicians. Pods placed on exterior walls allow for centrally located common lab areas, minimizing staff travel distance and giving equal access to all physicians. Separated by shared nursing stations, each pod features four exam rooms and a multi-purpose room. The pod concept offers noise control by placing patients behind sound attenuated walls. Physician#s orders are relayed via electronic systems to nursing staff. Window placement at each pod corridor end provides a natural light source in addition to expansion possibilities.

Private physician office space is provided at the back of the facility offering a quiet zone for consultation opportunities between staff as well as creating exclusive entry/exit capabilities for all staff. Support area for the doctors and staff are included at the back of the building to offer a temporary relief, rest and refreshment station.

The entrance, accentuated with a dominant porte cochere, directs patients through a vestibule which gives way to the reception area. Duplicate waiting spaces are located on either side of the lobby to segregate well and sick children. Private play rooms, visually controlled by both staff and parents, offer respite and entertainment while necessary paperwork is accomplished. Murals, geometric shapes and aquariums present a playful atmosphere for the child and offer discussion opportunities between parents and children.

Two main corridors off the lobby guide patient flow to the exam areas.A single corridor serving diagnostics connects the two main public ways.Patients check-in at the center of the reception desk and out at each end of the reception area. Private office access allows for resolving confidential discussion of payment issues. All business areas are located front and center to offer additional efficiencies and control.

The rustic treatment of the clinic#s exterior alleviates the presentation of a sterile #clinic# approach. Combination of brick and faux-stone make a delightful mixture which is pleasing to the eye and accents the massing of the structure. Children can identify with the simple earth tone colors which are utilized. Landscaping blends the structure with the existing environment.

DIV 04: Brick: Boral Brick.
DIV 07: Shingle: GAF.
DIV 09: Carpet: Mannington, Collins & Aikman; VCT: Armstrong, Mannington. Acoustical Ceiling: Armstrong.

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