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  Crossroads Harley-Davidson Pg. 60Crossroads Harley-Davidson
W2A Design Group, 609 Hamilton Street, #200, Allentown, PA 18101-2189

Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Total Square Feet: 26,475
Construction Period: Nov 1998 to Apr 2000

Construction Team
General Contractor: CC Inc. Construction Services - 4210 Fritch Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017
Structural Engineer: Pany & Lentz Engineering - 609 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101
Electrical Engineer: W2A Design Group - 609 Hamilton Street, #200, Allentown, PA 18101
Interior Designer: WDW Design, Inc. - 53 West Jackson Blvd., #1800, Chicago, IL 60604
Site Contractor: Eastern Industries, Inc. - 4401 Camp Meeting Rd., #300, Center Valley, PA 18034
Cost Estimator: W2A Design Group - 609 Hamilton Street, #200, Allentown, PA 18101

Upon their 1997 purchase of a Harley-Davidson franchise dealership, joint owners Ron Scherba and Al DeFeo became obliged by Harley-Davidson to relocate the existing dealership to a new facility within a short period of time. Working with W2A Design Group in Allentown, Penn., Crossroads Harley-Davidson was able to successfully build and occupy a new high-profile structure on a major highway to meet this requirement. The building has been very successful in attracting and serving a wide variety of customers from throughout the Lehigh Valley region in Pennsylvania.

Situated on a busy 4-lane divided highway just south of Allentown, Penn., this Harley-Davidson dealership was designed to make a statement to motorists passing by both southbound and northbound. Accessible only to southbound traffic with a somewhat narrow highway frontage and a short visibility period, it was decided that the building should be on the north edge of the property with driveway access and parking to the south side. This allows motorists deceleration time to be able to turn into the facility. Placement of the parking lot on the south side of the building also helps minimize ice build-up in the lot during winter months.

An intensive retail environment with usable wall space was required for merchandising for clothing and accessories. Thus, the opportunity for glass in the retail area was limited. A pylon, which encompasses a single wrap-around display window, was created for the front (highway-facing) facade of the building to give the building an identity. The Harley-Davidson bar and shield is embossed into the upper walls for the pylon. This recognizable feature helps slow traffic in order to make the turn into the site.

The motorcycle display area was envisioned as a transparent jewel box set in a corner of the adjacent solid building masses. The motorcycle display is thus highly visible when driving onto the site and when approaching the building entry on foot.

The exterior of the building was designed as a precast concrete panel system to facilitate cold weather construction. It was initially thought that the building shell would be under construction during the winter, although building construction was ultimately delayed by a few months. Also, a costing comparison showed that the precast concrete panel system was competitive with both unit masonry and EIFS, while offering durability advantages over both other alternatives.

Finally, the exterior design of the building was intended to symbolize the Harley-Davidson mystique as a well-designed machine with black and chrome accents. The overall building shell was envisioned to have a slick, high-tech image. All curtainwall framing, miscellaneous window frames and aluminum doors are black anodized. Across the main entry doors, there are three chromed bars to reflect the chrome of the motorcycles.

The interior plan was designed to Harley-Davidson corporate guidelines for space allocation including an expansive 6,000-square-feet retail sales area showcasing vehicles, accessories and clothing. The site and building have been designed for a future expansion of 10,000 square feet, with Township Planning Commission approval already received. A second floor space, presently unused, was also designed into the building with dedicated locations for two stairways and an elevator in place. The second floor space will eventually be used as offices and storage space. 

Motorcycle service and parts areas total 12,000 square feet, including a loading dock to accommodate delivery of crated motorcycles. A one-way loop service drive facilitates access to the loading dock. The remainder of the first floor building area is devoted to staff areas and administrative offices.

By BOCA code the building contains two separate occupancies, use group S-1 (Automotive Service) and use group M (Mercantile). A three-hour rated firewall was provided between these two occupancies. A second two-hour fire separation assembly was provided around the service desk, staff lunch room, customer lounge and toilet room area to limit fire areas to less than 12,000 square feet per code mandate.

Exterior Walls - Precast: Strescon Industries; EIFS: Dryvit; Entrances & Storefronts, Windows, Curtainwall: EFCO Corporation; Special Doors: Overhead Doors
Roof - Carlisle SynTec.
Floors - Tile: Graniti Fiandre; VCT: Armstrong; Carpet: Lees.
Interior Walls - Paint: Sherwin-Williams; Toilet Partitions: Flush Metal; Toilet Accessories: Bobrick; Hand Dryers: World Dryer; Electrical: Cooper Lighting. 

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