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  Morin Corporation Blends Innovative Design With Durability in Historic Industrial Neighborhood

East Side Neighborhood Services, located in a multi-purpose building in Minneapolis, serves the community by providing it with an accredited high school, named Menlo Park, a daycare and social service facilities. The history of this community on the Northeast side of Minneapolis is overall industrial, mixed in with some residential and commercial neighborhoods. The architects and their clients wished for that to be reflected in the buildings' visual character.

Minnkota Building Products Company of Osseo, Minnesota reviewed the options available with the architectural firm of Sjoquist Architects of Minneapolis. The selection offered by Morin Corporation was chosen, as metal was strategic to this project. The architectural goal was one of a visual blend with the industrial facilities that line the Mississippi River and nearby railroad yards. These historic modes of transportation still play a dominant role in the upper Midwest today.

On the south side of the building four light shafts utilize Morin's exposed fastener VB-34 metal panel in such a manner that the outcome emulates industrial exhaust vents. The horizontal application is further enhanced with Morin Corporation's exclusive welded, mitered corners to achieve continuity for this innovative design. Almost eight-thousand square feet of Morin Corporation's VB-34 metal panel were installed to complete the wall portion of this project. 

Four light shafts utilize Morin's exposed fastener VB-34 meal panel. The result emulates industrial exhaust vents.Morin's Standing Seam Snap-Lock SL-16-0 roof is designed in such a way that the slope and positioning of the roof imitate loading docks. Three-thousand square feet of the 0.050 gauge aluminum in a smooth finish were installed to achieve this unique look.

The materials employed needed to be of a durable nature, requiring little or no maintenance. Aluminum is chosen because of its' longevity as a building material. The aluminum in its natural, unfinished state blends in quite well with the surrounding industrial projects. Heavy gauge aluminum translates into added benefits of an economical choice, durability, and a maintenance-free roofing material.

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