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  Metecno Links U.S. Subsidiaries To Serve Their Customers' Markets

Morin Corporation On-Site Rollforming service roolformed roof panels exceeding 330 feet for the University of Pittsburgh's Convocation Center.Metecno Inc, of Daytona Beach, FL, has aligned its four companies and six plants into divisions that focus on their client's design requirements for applications with single skin, laminated and foamed-in-place panels. The divisions: Architectural; Cold Storage; Industrial and Sectional Door are organized to coordinate the product development, marketing, production and customer service across all plants that support those divisions. The U.S. companies of Aluma Shield Industries, Inc., API Inc., Benchmark Architectural Systems Inc., and Morin Corporation now interact to a greater extent than ever before in support of these customer-focused divisions. The product lines of Metecno Inc.'s Therm-L-Tec Systems company in Kansas City, MO were recently relocated to the other plants in support of this divisional structure.

Benchmark Architectural Systems' Designwall Series on The Jerome Schottenstein Center at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio."Metecno will provide their clients and customers with compatible or identical products and services from multiple plants across the USA to satisfy their architectural design, technical and structural requirements", as stated by Robert Bain, Area Manager - North America for Metecno Inc. He further emphasizes, "We are now spending over $4 million to upgrade equipment capabilities, expand automation of existing processes and add new product configurations and features. Most of this investment will be on-line and shipping product well before the end of 2002." Metecno Inc.'s U.S. companies have commonalities in processes and product configurations across plant locations, with each company additionally possessing unique process technology and product.   

Morin Corporation (www.morincorp.com) fabricating single skin metal wall and roof panel systems at plants operating in Connecticut and California is one of the industry's versatile manufacturers with a combined production capability of over 50 million square feet. Offering the more distinctive panel profiles, Morin's product lines include Morin Concealed and Exposed Fastener Wall and Roof Panels, Morin Liner Panels, and Morin Standing Seam Roof Panels. Morin's Custom Design Services provide precision-made mitered corners, specialty curving, perforating, pressure-release systems, fire-rated systems, heavy gauges and Morin's on-site roll forming. 

The capability of Morin's on-site roll-forming service caught the eye of the architectural teams at Apostolou/Rosser, a joint venture designing the University of Pittsburgh's Convocation Center. Brian Whitecap, the project's local architect with Apostolou/Rosser wholly agrees with the statement, "… the appearance of the roof line plays a key role in the design." noted at Rosser International's website. Morin Corporation roll-formed their SSR-12 Standing Seam Roof panel on-site from 0.040 aluminum in lengths exceeding 330 feet. This 12,500 seat multi-event arena will house sports events, concerts, performing arts and commencement exercises. 

No refrigeration has been turned on for two years" states Tony Matthews, Operations Manager at the Fetzer Vinyard on API's Thermalspan™ insulating panels.Benchmark Architectural Systems, Inc.'s (www.benchmarkpanels.com) reputation with architects is renowned as the supplier of laminated and foamed-in-place metal wall panels for low and mid-rise construction. With headquarters and manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio Benchmark proudly announces two significant expansions at Columbus. One accommodates the state-of-the-art foamed-in-place discontinuous line for the Designwall 4000 Series, while the other expansion houses Benchmark's Panel Tech line of all-purpose glazing and insulated panel products, now fabricated in Ohio. Within Benchmark's Designwall Series the architect is given choices on the core material, thickness, width, length, exterior surface, gauge, R-value and custom fabrication for the project. New to the Designwall Series is Designwall 2000R, a profiled panel created to meet the needs of the discriminating architectural audience. In union with the Designwall 2000 Series is Flushglaze 4500, a truly integrated window system intended specifically for this very popular, thermally efficient, metal insulated panel. 

Benchmark now adds to its showcase of impressive projects the new 2.3 million square feet Washington Convention Center, currently under construction. Custom fabrication placed Benchmark in the spotlight on this project. Designwall 2000 is the product of choice, in both horizontal and vertical applications, standard and custom widths, tapered panels, curved panels and complex fabrications within the same panel. "…we are on time and within budget estimates" as quoted on the Washington Convention Center's website by Washington Convention Center Authority General Manager and CEO Lewis H. Dawley, III. 

API (www.apipanel.com) in their 106,000 square foot plant in Modesto, CA fabricates foam core metal-faced wall and roof panels for the architectural, commercial, and industrial, cold storage and food-processing markets. Centurywall, an architectural composite building panel known for its light weight and high strength is available in foamed-in-place or laminated polyurethane (polyisocyanurate) cores. The Thermalspan™ laminated panel, an economic product with high thermal efficiency, is designed for use as interior partitions, wall liners and exterior walls in coolers, freezers and food-processing facilities. 

The R-Span™ foamed-in-place roof panel's design is one of a bold rib, providing superior waterproofing and maximum strength characteristics. The R-Span™ wall panel is utilized as interior walls, partitions and suspended ceilings within temperature controlled environments. When a non-metallic textured surface is desired, API offers Granitstone™, a line of factory-applied stucco or aggregate finishes. API's insulated building panels possess many design options in widths, thickness, exterior and interior facings, finishes, patterns, profiles and colors. 

Fetzer Central Coast Winery in Paso Robles, CA challenged its winery design team to find a highly efficient system for the red wine facility. One with significant life cycle cost benefits, long-term energy efficiency and the ability to run on the fast track that this particular project would be on in order to make the 2000 harvest. It was then that they turned to API. The outcome was more than Tony Matthews, operations manager at Fetzer Vineyards, could ever have imagined. They chose API's Thermalspan™ panels for the barrel room envelope, delivering an R-value well above 30. "No refrigeration has been turned on for two years!" Tony Matthews exuberantly told a group of regional winegrowers recently visiting his facility.

Aluma Sheild's HR900 roof panels featuring a high-rib design to provide maximum strength characteristics, at a tourist rest stop in Florida.Aluma Shield (www.alumashield.com) has been in a state of continuous expansion since it was founded in 1952. Today the company operates four fully automated continuous production lines at its 265,000 square foot panel manufacturing plant in Deland, Florida. Each line features a computer-controlled process, which utilizes pre-painted coiled steel to deliver finished foamed-in-place urethane composite panels cut to length and ready for shipping. This continuous production process involves a high degree of precision and the process flexibility to produce the wide variety of panel profiles, thickness and widths offered by Aluma Shield. These panels are designed for both industrial/commercial and cold storage applications. By applying leading edge manufacturing technology, Aluma Shield is in a position to consistently offer premium quality foamed-in-place panel products. 

In addition to wall and roof panel applications, Aluma Shield also manufactures insulated overhead residential and commercial door sections. The Max-R™ series overhead door sections feature a tongue-in-groove gasket joint, which allows flexibility in movement and superb sealing while closed. Aluma Shield's "Finger Safe" model is the first insulated sectional door to prevent fingers from becoming trapped between sections. 

Aluma Shield's Hercules® insulated doors meet the needs of the most demanding controlled temperature material handling applications found in the food, beverage, dairy, meat, and produce industries, as well as other commercial and industrial markets. Hercules® has a worldwide reputation as the supplier of choice for specialty doors designed for non-standard applications.

Metecno Inc. is the U.S. based subsidiary of Metecno SpA near Milan, Italy, which directs Metecno's worldwide operations in countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

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