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  Appaloosa Branch Library First U.S. Application of PPG’s New DURANAR® VARI-Cool™ Coating

The Appaloosa Branch Library in Scottsdale, Arizona is the first building constructed with color-shifting DURANAR® VARI-Cool™ coatings by PPG Industries.

VARI-Cool coatings, the latest in the DURANAR® ULTRA-Cool® family of products by PPG, is a pearlescent coating with superior durability, color-fastness, and gloss retention. Available in 17 pre-formulated standard tints, this polychromatic coating delivers a palette of vibrant color change, while offering exceptional color stability, chalk resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility against weathering in most environments for decades. The pigment particles in VARI-Cool coatings create color travel, allowing color to change subtly depending on the viewing angle and on how light refracts across a particular area. On the Appaloosa Branch Library, the appearance of the coating changes from a dark green to silver to mauve projecting a light gray-green tint that matches plants, sand and the surrounding desert landscape.

DURANAR VARI-Cool coatings are a premium fluoropolymer coating system created on the foundation of a factory-applied Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® resin system, which are well known as best-in-class coatings. An excellent choice for roof panels, building panels, curtain walls, aluminum composite parts, store fronts, accent trim and corporate signage, this coating is the only coil-formed polychromatic coating that integrates energy-saving ULTRA-Cool infrared-reflective technology. The cooling effects of this IR technology offer potential benefits such as reduced air conditioning costs for commercial and residential construction, less product expansion and contraction, plus improved comfort levels for building occupants. The pigments reflect the sun’s energy using the ULTRA-Cool coatings, which is expected to help the Appaloosa Branch Library use 32 percent less energy than comparably sized libraries.

Because of the use of ULTRA-cool coatings, DURANAR VARI-Cool coatings meet industry standards and regulations including LEED and ENERGY STAR® criteria for steep slope cool roofing. VARI-Cool is just the latest example of PPG’s global commitment to creating innovative, sustainable products.

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