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  Harris Instrumental In International Training Facility

Representing approximately 500,000 workers in the construction or related industries and organized into 65 regional councils throughout the United States and Canada, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters/Joiners of America International opened a new training facility in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2000. Resembling a mini-college campus, this $14 million state-of-the-art training facility attracts carpenters, business representatives and union officials from around the world. Located on 7.3 acres, the facility consists of four buildings: an 87,105 square foot training facility, 58,925 square foot support facility, 1,093 square foot recreation facility, and 58,925 square foot dormitory housing 126 trainees.

The building is a training facility for carpenters and joiners that provides training using the latest methods and technology in the carpentry industry with an emphasis in craft skills. Staff, trainees (inclusive of apprentices), training instructors, business representatives, union organizers and journeymen all receive hands-on and classroom training as well as health and safety instruction.

Resembling a mini-college campus, this facility offers training in the latest methods and technology in the carpentry industry.Mechanical/electrical engineer, Harris Consulting Engineers (HCE), were faced with the unique challenge of the diverse HVAC and electrical requirements of the building design. The design process had to take into consideration the separate requirements created by the architectural demands of the building as well as the users’ requirements. Also, combined efficient and cost-effective systems had to be implemented to keep within budget.

The HVAC systems varied within the project by the type of use for each building. With the help of the mechanical contractor, Quality Mechanical Contractors, the work was accomplished on a design-build basis. In the training facility and administrative spaces, packaged heat pumps and gas fired packaged equipment were utilized to condition the space. The training rooms and warehouse areas utilized evaporative coolers for cooling and suspended gas fired unit heaters for heating. The dormitory areas were conditioned with stacked fan coil units using chilled water for cooling and electric resistance heat for heating.

Plumbing systems consisted of soil, waste, vent, hot and cold water, natural gas, condensate, and roof drain piping. Fire protection systems were performance specified.

The electrical systems included interior/exterior lighting, power distribution, fire alarm, and raceway systems for telephone and data systems.

All work was accomplished through HCE’s close coordination with the architect, general contractor and subcontractors. The general contractor, Martin Harris Construction, and subcontractors were active participants during the design process and provided analysis, input, recommendations and cost information as various building options and systems were evaluated and selected.

All work was accomplished through HCE’s close coordination with the architect, contractor and subcontractors.The training facility has been operating as designed since opened last December.


Architect: Nadel Architects
7180 South Industrial Drive, #800, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Harris Consulting Engineers
770 Pilot Road, #I, Las Vegas, NV 89119
General Contractor: Martin Harris Construction
3030 South Highland Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Structural Engineer: Martin & Peltyn Inc.
1212 Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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