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THERMOMASS Building Systems

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  Florida Contractor Loyal To THERMOMASS® Building System

In the consumer beer world there is a term often used called “brand loyalty.” It refers to the concept of trying many brands, finding one that you like and sticking with that brand. You might often hear people refer to themselves as a “Miller Man” or “Bud Man.” 

The JJ Taylor Miller beer distribution facility in Tampa, Fla., was built using the THERMOMASS® system. This same “brand loyalty” term can also be applied in the construction world, when it comes to talking about building insulation systems. A growing number of architects, engineers, contractors and owners are now calling themselves “THERMOMASS People,” because of their satisfaction with the product. 

Seretta Construction, Inc. is one such company that has developed a loyalty to the THERMOMASS Building Insulation System. The Orlando, Florida based tilt-wall contractor, founded in 1987, has used the insulation system in 13 projects to date and has 4 more projects slated to start in 2003.

JJ Taylor Miller Distribution in Tampa, Florida, a 228,000-square-foot beer distribution facility completed in March 2001, and Schenck Miller Distribution in Orlando, Florida, a 277,000-square-foot beer distribution facility completed in May 2001 are two completed THERMOMASS insulated buildings that have Seretta Construction personnel beaming with joy. Both projects were constructed in only ten months. The architect for JJ Taylor Miller Distribution was Holleran Duitsman, Chesterfield, Missouri and the architect for Schenck Miller Distribution was Horton, Harley & Carter, Tampa, Florida. 

“Many owners and general managers, in the beverage distribution industry, have visited both properties and have indicated their desire to build future facilities of the same quality, design and structure,” said Richard J. McPherson, P.E., President of Seretta Construction. Inc. Further McPherson states, “The two buildings are targeted as the benchmark for beer distribution centers.”

The Schenck Miller Distribution facility in Orlando, Fla. (above, below) was completed in just 10 months. What qualities drew Seretta Construction to become “THERMOMASS people? “Other building insulation systems do not offer the stability and long-term efficiency that this system offers. With THERMOMASS you get a top quality product that is easy to install and the benefit of on-site installation support and other technical assistance.” 

The THERMOMASS system has a simple installation process. The panels are formed directly on the slab, reinforcing for the outer wythe is installed, the outer wythe of concrete is poured, the insulation is installed and connectors are placed. The structural reinforcing is added along with embeds and lifting devices, and then the structural wythe of concrete is poured. The forms are then removed, bracing is installed and the crane lifts the panels. THERMOMASS supplies essentially a roadmap for installation. Companies’ panel shop drawings are used to fabricate each piece of insulation to a specific panel dimension and precut the connector holes for the contractor. Two inches of insulation is standard and will deliver an R-value of 10 (performance is dependent upon location of building). The average cost per square of net panel area, including all materials, finished and erected panels is approximately $11.60.

For more information on the THERMOMASS Building Insulation System go to www.thermomass.com or call (800) 232-1748. For more information on tilt-up construction and Seretta Construction, Inc. visit www.seretta.com or call (407) 290-9440.

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