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  Benchmark Engineers Advance Architectural Panel Systems

The engineers at Benchmark Architectural Systems in Columbus work extensively with architects during the design phase to develop architectural enhancements such as curves, folded corners, fascia-soffit bends and other shapes fabricated at the factory and delivered ready to install.

Benchmark's Designwall 2000H on the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Benchmark Architectural Systems produces five premium series of flat architectural wall panels with either laminated or foamed-in-place cores for vertical, horizontal or angular installations. The Designwall Series offers designers many options on core material, thickness, width, length, exterior finish, gauge and R-values. 

Kicking off 2003 is the newest of this premium product line, Designwall 4000. The 4000 series panel combines performance with economy by featuring a high-density foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate core with embossed steel. This product is available in 2-inch and 3-inch thickness, delivering R-values of 15 to 22. 

“Now, eighteen months after launching our new product development and growth expansions plans, I am pleased to announce the we have concluded the first phase of manufacturing these new products. Beginning with the Designwall 2000R, Flushglaze 4500, and now having just completed our first production order run of Designwall 4000, full steam ahead!,” explained Jeff Irwin, CEO of Benchmark Architectural Systems, Inc. 

The double shiplap joint of the Designwall 4000 is factory gasketed, creating a double barrier against water penetration, maximizing thermal efficiency. Standard widths are 24-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch. Special widths are available to 40-inch maximum. Standard lengths are available to 30 feet. 

Designwall 4000V              Designwall 4000H

Two new products introduced later in 2002 are Designwall 2000R and Flushglaze 4500. Designwall 2000R is a profiled version complimenting the Designwall 2000 Series with ribs at 13/16-inch deep and 4 inches on center. This product line is specifically designed for horizontal applications and has options of 2 or 3 inches thick in modules of 12 or 24 inches. Cores are either polyisocyanurate or expanded polystyrene. The exterior surface choices are of steel or aluminum. Designwall 2000R will interface and readily engage with the flat face Designwall 2000 series. The 2-inch-thick option will engage with the Flushglaze 4500 Integral Windows system. 

Designwall 2000H      Designwall 2000V         

Flushglaze 4500 satisfies an ever-increasing need to integrate architectural window systems with Designwall 2000H panel jointery. The 4 ˝-inch deep system is ideal for continuous run fixed “strip” windows that are flush with the plane of the panels. The system (not included) installed by a glass and glazing operator is well suited for low to mid-rise construction. The individual frames can be either shop or field assembled and connect together using a unique “snap-lock” feature. These frames are anchored to the structure at the head and sill, using concealed fasteners and provide for a safe and cost effective inside glazing. The glass and glazing is performed as a subsequent operation by a qualified glass technician. The head and sill receptor extrusions precisely mate with panel jointery and naturally create a positive water barrier without internal entrapment or a complicated array of intricate components. The basic window framing component profiles have been field proven through years of solid successful performance. 

Designwall 1000V    Designwall 1000H

Designwall 1000, a popular choice for low-rise buildings and eye-appealing renovation projects is a 1 1/8-inch-thick panel identical in external appearance to the Designwall 2000. The most economical though, Designwall 1000 has many thermal and structural properties sufficient for a wide range of applications. The standard widths produced are 24-inch and 30-inch with special widths available to 36-inch maximum. Standard lengths are available to 24 feet. Special lengths are available to 30 feet maximum per application review. 

In 1990, Benchmark formed as a division of Lamit Industries and then late in1997 Benchmark was purchased by a group of partners headed by Jeff Irwin, and joined the Metecno group of companies. In the fall of 2002, the divisional structure of Metecno Inc. was announced. The divisions of Metecno Inc. are Benchmark Architectural Systems with the Architectural Division; Metecno-Aluma Shield with the Commercial/Industrial and Cold Storage Divisions; Metecno-API with the Commercial/Industrial; Cold Storage and Architectural Divisions and Metecno-Morin with the Architectural (single element) Division. The Divisions are organized to coordinate the product development, marketing, production and customer service across all plants.

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