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Also known as the building skin, building envelope systems were first pioneered by Henry® Company in the early 1970’s as a way to improve management over a building’s internal environment and to inhibit the deterioration of the building materials used in construction. 

Air barriers are a central component of any building envelope system, and its primary vocation is to address air flow between a building and the outside environment. Air diffuses through surfaces like concrete block and channels through imperfections between building materials, but easy to install Henry air barrier products redirect the air flow back and can significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption.

Whether the project under construction is a school, hospital, airport, factory, skyscraper, residential mid-rise or single family home, air barriers can also dampen noise, block odors, and resist rain and humidity. 

Henry provides its clients with access to information on integrated systems so property owners, engineers and specifiers can connect their air barriers with other essential building envelope components such as waterproofing and roofing. 

Vapor Barrier vs. Vapor Permeable Air Barriers

Selecting the correct air barrier starts by addressing the geographical weather conditions related to the building site. Whether to permit or prevent vapors may depend on the building’s intended usage and building materials selected for construction. 

Non-permeable air barriers block air and vapor together, while vapor permeable air barriers offer more flexibility in the air barrier positioning within a wall assembly.

Blueskin® and Air-Bloc are the air barrier systems from Henry. Both have excellent performance on the air permeability scale, are puncture resistant and have a long life expectancy. 

Blueskin is a rolled self-adhesive waterproofing transition membrane which looks like its name and can allow or prevent vapor permeation. Blueskin® SA is a self-adhesive air and vapor barrier membrane system consisting of SBS rubberized asphalt compound, integrally laminated to a blue polyethylene film. Blueskin TWF is a self-adhesive thru-wall flashing membrane.

Air-Bloc can be brush, trowel or spray sprayed in accordance with the written guide specifications. Air-Bloc 06, Air-Block 21 (doubles as an effective insulations adhesive) and Air-Bloc 32 are liquid applied air and vapor barriers that cure to a tough monolithic, rubber like membrane, which resists air leakage. Air-Bloc 07 and Air-Bloc 33 are vapor permeable air barriers, however Air-Bloc 33 includes a tough durable, UV and weather resistant finish.

Working Together

Blueskin® and Air-Bloc membrane products can be used together during new construction and retrofit projects to fill in gaps, touch up at corners, smooth over irregular construction surfaces and to repair minor construction punctures. Blueskin is also an effective transition membrane to span gaps between different surfaces like walls to slabs, windows or roofs. 

Henry Building Envelope Systems offer Certified Air Barrier Applications Instruction for self-adhesive, liquid applied, trowel and pressure spray applications. The materials that air membranes can be applied to include concrete, metal, drywall, plywood and OSB. 

Henry Building Envelope Systems also manufactures waterproofing systems and high-quality roofing products.

Henry waterproofing systems are tried and tested combinations that prevent water infiltration throughout the building envelope. Property owners and managers interested in learning how to extend the life of any building envelope component are invited to contact Henry Maintenance Systems with their questions.

Henry Building Envelope Systems offers toll-free product support for on-the-job questions. At www.Henry.com, visitors find images and graphics of on-the-job product use and installation techniques, and can click through to product pages and technical data sheets.

Henry Building Envelope Systems® is the leading innovator of specialized including Air and Vapor Barriers, Waterproofing and Roofing Systems.

Henry Company is the largest North American manufacturer of roof coatings and cements. Henry is a world leader in the production of highly specialized, industrial coatings and emulsions.

Visit www.Henry.com or call 800-598-7663 for information.

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