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Located in the heart of Indianapolis’ financial district, the historic Fletcher Trust Building was in dire need of a facelift to transform the 1910 building into a new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

Rejuvenating this landmark building offered many construction challenges, especially when it came to specifying the resurfacing and repairs on the damaged concrete subfloor. The project required application of approximately 96,400 square feet of gypsum concrete over the existing subfloor. Hacker Industries, Inc.’s FIRM-FILL 4010® offered the perfect solution. This cementitious underlayment is perfect for thin capping concrete in new construction or over damaged concrete in renovation projects. With compressive strengths up to 5500 psi, FIRM-FILL 4010 is specially engineered to provide concrete floors with new life and exceptional surface hardness.

The historic Fletcher Trust Building, located in Indianapolis’ financial district, was in urgent need of a facelift to change the 1910 building into a new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.The application of FIRM-FILL 4010 was headed by Dave Bailie, president of Tri-Con Lightweight Concrete Floors, a leading applicator of Hacker Floor Underlayments based in Arcadia, Ind.

Prior to installation, Bailie and Hacker Industries, Inc. worked together to pre-engineer practical solutions that addressed the numerous logistical challenges of the job including the tight construction schedule, difficult downtown location, poor subfloors, and building height…16 stories.

The first challenge was finding a solution to overcome the dry, porous, 8-inch concrete subfloor with 1 ½-inch wood embedded sleepers containing numerous cracks and crevices. Tri-Con worked with Hacker Industries, Inc. to develop and install a specially designed floor preparation product to cover the existing floor, sealing the old surface. FIRM-FILL 4010® was then poured over the sealer at a thickness of one inch. The products quick drying capabilities, kept the renovation on schedule. In addition, Tri-Con was able to pour FIRM-FILL 4010 before drywall allowing additional scheduling flexibility.

Another priority on the job was creating a solution for the height of the building. “After studying the building and floor plans, we decided to begin our work on the 16th floor, working our way down to the 4th,” explained Bailie. “The hose was run up the outside of the building affixing it to the frame of the buck hoist so it could be quickly and safely released from the frame as each floor was poured.” The pre-planning allowed the crews to finish each floor at a stairwell and easily move down to the next floor.

The final obstacle was the tight, downtown location as the building was located on a busy intersection with limited access. “Using a ‘just-in-time’ delivery schedule, coordinated through Hacker Industries, Inc., we were able to stage the deliveries to minimize storage space,” added Bailie. Extra safety precautions were taken when operating the equipment and the crew’s attention to detail allowed them to work seamlessly within the confined space.

Tri-Con Lightweight Concrete Floors and Hacker Industries, Inc. worked together to pre-engineer practical solutions that addressed logistical challenges of the job.With all the careful planning, more than 96,400 square feet of FIRM-FILL 4010 were installed on 13 floors in just eight days. Bailie added, “the efficiency of our pre-planning not only allowed us to meet our client’s goals, but we were able to save time and money while providing the same quality product and application.” In the end, FIRM-FILL 4010 gave the old building a complete makeover providing a smooth, flat, durable surface ready for finished floor goods. The underlayment also provided other benefits including optimum sound control properties and excellent fire ratings.

Approximately 96,400 square feet of FIRM-FILL 4010® by Hacker Industries, Inc. was used for resurfacing and repairing the damaged concrete subfloor.The year-long, $26 million renovation was completed in January 2004. The 16-story edifice is now home to a vibrant new hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

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