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  Granitstone™ Metal Taken To A New Level

Within Rancho Cordova, Calif., is a neighborhood called Sunrise River. It is here that building owner Bob Hurdle of Hurdle Investments began designing his next series of office buildings and mini-warehouses. He was looking for a pre-finished, insulated panel. More importantly, it needed to have a finished metal surface on the interior as well. His research led him to Metecno-API out of Modesto, Calif. 

Insulation requirements are easily satisfied with Granitstone™ as R-values range from 14-33, depending on panel thickness.At Metecno-API he learned of Granitstone™, a foam-filled insulated, exterior stucco coated panel that combines the time-tested beauty of acrylic aggregate coatings with epoxy primed galvanized steel facings to create a high-strength, factory-finished panel that is energy efficient and fast to install. His bonus discovery? That the Granitstone™ panel interior side comes standard with a USDA approved paint finish. In California buildings must also meet Title 24 insulation requirements. With Granitstone™, this criteria was easily met and according to Mr. Hurdle, there were significant cost savings due to the panel’s design, making for ease of installation. 

At Sunrise River there are three office buildings/mini-warehouses with a total of 23,000 square feet of Granitstone™ coated panels installed on them. The product is Metecno-API’s AP330GS, their 3-inch Granitstone™ coated panel and DSL-FR, a 1 hour Fire Panel coated with Granitstone™ delivering R-25 and R-15 insulative values respectively. The exterior color is Sandstone in a 24 gauge epoxy primed galvanized steel factory-finished exterior and a 26 gauge interior painted with SMP paint in an interior color of Imperial White. The building has EIFS foam textured and painted add-ons as aesthetic accents. 

The General Contractor is Stan Hammond with Stanford Construction out of Rescue, Calif., and the Metal Panel Installer is Rackley Company from Orland, Calif. The building is a pre-engineered system by Metallic. 

Granitstone™ panels by Metecno-API provide a distinctive, modern architectural appearance at a surprisingly low cost. Granitstone™ coatings add to the many advantages of lightweight insulated panels with the architectural appearance of sprayed stucco. 

Granitstone™ coated panels are designed to be used in either vertical or horizontal configurations and in full height or stacked modules to provide a distinctive, modern architectural appearance at a surprisingly low cost. Granitstone™ coatings carry a 10-year limited warranty. Granitstone™ panels are designed for use with light gauge girts, steel stud or tube steel wall systems. 

Granitstone™ panels are as easy to install as high-rib sheeting. The exterior stucco coated steel surfaces are washable, durable and available in a range of colors. 

Now with the buildings complete and Mr. Hurdle interviewing for future tenants he has received very positive reviews from potential clients on the overall appearance and design of the buildings. And apparently one of the current tenants finds his space highly energy efficient, as they turn the heat on for only 30 minutes in the morning and this keeps their offices warm for the remainder of the day. 

The engineer of record on this project found the entire experience to be enlightening. Since many communities and town planners in California frown on metal buildings, the coated Granitstone™ panels are a superb alternative and a “nice-looking” choice, as he coined it. He has referred many of his colleagues and fellow architects to view this project as a reference for their own future work.

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