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Venice Beach Home Utilizes MeTecno USA Metal Wall Panels - MeTecno USA-API Division Products Selected for Sleek Metal Design

Merely steps from the ocean, homeowner Tom Ennis's chic panel house sits in Venice Beach, CA. With help from MeTecno USA, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of insulated composite panels, Ennis' home serves as a catalyst for new environmentally friendly, long-lasting beach homes.

Approximately 3,600 square-feet of MeTecno USA-API Division's popular Centurywall™ vertical wall panels (CWP-V) were used on the home. The home's interior, which also features CWP-V, complements the modern exterior appearance of the $1.3 million residence.

"The home performs remarkably well and the aesthetic of the panels are beautiful," explains principal architect David Hertz from David Hertz Architects, Inc. "There was worry that the metallic finish might be a little too cold and hard, but there is actually a wonderful softness in the slight undulation of panels as they interact with light and reflect color creating a nice visual, especially during sunrises and sunsets."

Hertz explains that, in order to achieve project design goals, Centurywall was selected as a durable exterior and interior material fitting for beachfront construction. The material's aesthetic quality, ability to absorb and reflect light and low surface area to weight ratio were additional perks.

Prior to construction, a major concern was that the house – consisting mostly of glass – would have proper insulation. Centurywall panels delivered the required necessity.

"One of the best features a Centurywall panel provides is its superior insulating properties," explains Eric Jurus, MeTecno USA-API Division sales manager. "With its high R-value (R-50), the Venice Beach home is kept better insulated and is more energy-efficient overall."

The design of the house captures a post-modern feel. Unique design features, such as the hidden fastener that is installed over steel studs and an interlocking joint that screws to the closure plate at the floor, contribute to a seamless look.

"As an innovative and unprecedented design endeavor, the biggest challenge was in designing the panel connection details to the structure," continues Hertz. "MeTecno USA was very helpful in this capacity of collaboration."

"The panels are 6" thick with Metallic Kynar paint on Aluminum both sides," explains Jurus. "This makes the structure even more unique in that the panels span the height resulting with no visible attachment showing inside or out."

Centurywall vertical panels are used to create a modern, high-tech appearance where a flat, vertical architectural metal wall system is desired. CWP-V Panels are provided with hidden fastener offset joinery for easy attachment to structural components from the building exterior. They are typically installed over steel studs with horizontal strapping, or directly to girts (wide flange, tube steel or light gauge). CWP-V panels are also easily integrated with sheetrock wall construction for added fire safety.

Other distinct characteristics of the home include wood-free construction and natural convective cooling, which results in lower energy costs. Additionally, specifying metal for a coastal home rather than wood, asphalt or other roofing materials provides protection against extreme coastal weather conditions.

Construction on the home began in 2006 and was completed in 2007. David Hertz Architects, Inc. Studio of Environmental Architecture, formerly Syndesis Inc., is located in Santa Monica, California. General contractor Ron Senso is located in Westchester, California.

MeTecno USA maintains the distinctive ability to provide customers with a variety of insulated composite panels and architectural metal wall and roof building options from multiple plants across the country. Each division offers unique methods technology, products and services, and is available to assist with all of your metal building needs.

About MeTecno USA:
MeTecno USA is the U.S. based subsidiary of MeTecno SpA, Cortiglione, Italy, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of insulated composite panels.  There are four divisions of MeTecno USA: API, ASI, Benchmark and Morin which focus on design requirements for applications with factory engineered insulated composite panels and architectural single element metal wall and roof panels. For more information on MeTecno USA visit http://www.MeTecnoUSA.com.


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