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D4COST Software

  Automate the Estimating Process with ELECTROFIND™

Estimators know that the most time consuming portion of the bid is performing the “take-off”. ELECTROFIND™ by E/T Software, LLC is a tool that can save substantial time and reduce errors during the take-off stage of the estimate saving estimators and their company time and money. 

Developed by Gary Bradley, an estimator with over 34 years experience, Gary spent many valuable hours counting symbols on blueprints when estimating. Knowing there had to be a better way, he tried different tools to make this tedious task simpler but none hit the right mark. Frustrated he knew he could develop a tool that would save him and the industry time and money. 

Bradley worked for two years to develop ELECTROFIND™. ELECTROFIND™ reviews digital blueprints and locates, counts, and color-codes each requested symbol. When completed, ELECTROFIND™ then generates a report by organizing the counts by sheets, locations, and alternates. 

ElectroFind™ utilizes state-of-the-art image recognition. Symbols are available in pre-defined libraries that can be selected and passed to the search engine. Results are shown on screen and in reports reflecting the quantity for each symbol.Gary Bradley, E/T Software LLC co-founder, states “A contractor can now take a blueprint in digital format, and let their PC do in minutes what an estimator used to take hours or even days to do. No more manual highlighting and manual counting. 

ELECTROFIND™, in an easy-to-use package, that utilizes state-of-the-art image recognition and is designed to work the way an estimator works. Symbols available in pre-defined libraries can be selected and passed to the ‘search engine’. The results are industry standard reports of the quantity of each device as well as a ‘highlighted’ blueprint showing the location. Because every job is different, and some have very unique requirements, the estimator can add symbols to job-specific or user master libraries. 

E/T Software offers software applications to the construction and maintenance industries that focus on the estimating and project management tasks. A small group of individuals with over 30 years construction estimating experience, and over 20 years of software development and computer integration experience founded E/T Software. For more information on ELECROFIND™ visit www.etsoftware.biz.

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