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  New Takeoff Tool and Digitizer System Designed for Residential and Light Construction

For those who make a living in the residential and light commercial construction markets, versatility is a must. Constantly on the go, professionals in the building trades often travel from office to job site countless times during a typical day. Tools of the trade must be easy to transport. Addressing this need, Calculated Industries of Carson City, Nev., has introduced a new stand-alone digital takeoff tool called the Ultra Scale Master Pro. With this tool, users can measure data from blueprints, architectural plans and other scaled drawings to compute linear, area and volume values for lines, curves and shapes.

“Evolving from Calculated Industries’ Scale Master digital plan measuring devices that are best suited for linear and basic rectangular area takeoffs, the Ultra Scale Master Pro was developed to meet a customer need for performing takeoffs of irregular shapes without spending thousands of dollars for a digitizer,” says Mark Paulsen, vice president of marketing for Calculated Industries.

The Ultra Scale Master Pro, or The Puck, measuring device by Calculated Industries.The product was demonstrated to thousands of contractors at the International Builder Show, World of Concrete, Remodeling, Surfaces, Coverings, Pavement Expo and other shows to great acclaim. Designed to meet the specific needs of residential and light commercial contractors — especially building trades such as concrete, flooring and tile, paving, roofing, landscaping, electrical, plumbing and small site excavation — the Ultra Scale Master Pro simplifies and speeds up the takeoff estimating process. Targeted to members of the construction trade that need to do blueprint takeoffs from scaled or unscaled drawings, it can function as either a stand-alone device, or information can be sent to estimating and spreadsheet programs. 

The system is comprised of two unique elements — the device, or puck, that is the takeoff tool or digitizer — and the optional Smart Takeoff! software. Unlike many other digitizers, the Ultra Scale Master Pro does not require extensive training or dedicated space, processor or PC to compute solutions. This is especially beneficial for small- to mid-sized firms that do not need the extra power or complexity that existing digitizers offer — they end up paying for more than they need. 

Completely portable, the Ultra Scale Master Pro area takeoff and digitizing system does not require any additional computing devices or software for users to measure data from blueprints, architectural plans and other scaled drawings. And while the Ultra Scale Master Pro is a stand-alone tool, it also can connect to a PC for transferring measurements into any estimating and spreadsheet program that accepts text input from a number pad or keyboard. 

The Ultra Scale Master Pro can function as either a stand-alone device, or information can be sent to estimating and spreadsheet programs which simplifies and speeds up the takeoff estimating process.Features of the Ultra Scale Master Pro include 72 built-in architectural and engineering scales for allowing users to measure plans and drawings up to 24 by 36 inches. In addition, four custom scales allow for measuring out-of-scale drawings. A large-sized targeting window enables users to accurately measure and compute areas, segment lengths, perimeters and volumes for simple or complex polygons, polylines, irregular shapes, arcs and circles. 

Selection and Usage
To determine if the Ultra Scale Master Pro is a fit, potential users should consider the frequency they need to perform takeoffs of irregular shapes, complex polygons or area and volume calculations. It is not the best choice for large civil engineering applications, where the plan scales are much larger, or for creating detailed CAD drawings. These types of projects are better suited for the more robust capabilities of a traditional digitizer. 

Once a decision is made to purchase, the next step is optimizing usage. Operation is very simple and intuitive. One key to optimizing usage may involve combining the Ultra Scale Master Pro with a takeoff software program, such as Smart Takeoff!, also by Calculated Industries. Smart Takeoff! provides graphic representation of the digitized coordinates for the Ultra Scale Master Pro and verifies quantities of area, perimeter, length and vertical surface area for compiling construction cost estimates. Users receive a complete blueprint takeoff solution in one system, and no additional drivers or software are needed. The USB cable to connect to your PC is included. 

“Several contractors have incorporated the system into their toolbox and are very pleased with the results,” Paulsen explains. “They have found the Ultra Scale Master Pro to be precise, easy-to-use and dependable.” 

For an online demo and other information about the Ultra Scale Master Pro, go to www.calculated.com/dcd13.

Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries manufactures and distributes specialty calculators and measuring tools for real estate, construction, education, engineering, architecture, interior and facilities design, broadcast production, financial planning and payroll accounting. The company’s new Ultra Scale Master Pro has a retail price of $499.95, with Smart Takeoff the retail price is $699.95. Both are available for purchase at www.calculated.com/dcd13 or at contractor supply, survey, engineering and supply and reprographic stores.

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