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  Turnberry Place: High Rise Desert Luxury
The United States census made it official — Las Vegas was the fastest growing city in the country during the last decade. Las Vegas has made the transition from “Sin City,” to an international center of gaming, entertainment, upscale shopping and fine dining.

Discerning patrons of urban living have been eager to establish residence close to the heartbeat that is "the Las Vegas experience".

Turnberry Associates, with a 30-year history of luxury condominium development in Florida, is now more than three years into building the most ambitious high-rise living experience Las Vegas has ever seen. With floor plans ranging from 1,550 to 8,000 square feet and prices from $500,000 to more than $5.25 million, more than 425 units have been sold. More than 700 units will be built when the project is completed.

With two towers already completed, another under construction, and one more tower slated to be built, Turnberry Place is becoming the address for elegant, upscale living.

"The location is ideal for those who want to be near the airport as well as the city’s best shopping, dining and hotels," said John Riordan, vice president of sales at Turnberry Place.

bpr1.jpg (102431 bytes)Integral to the success of this development is offering each residence owner a quiet retreat, high above the city. The acres of tile, stone, and hardwood crafted into each unit must meet the sound isolation requirements set forth by the developer.

Gianfranco Ventre, tile and stone contractor and owner of Ital-Stone, has been using NobleSeal® SIS exclusively for his sound isolation work at Turnberry Place.

"SIS" is a versatile product…it’s fast and easy to use, so my installers can concentrate on crafting a premium tile or stone floor," Ventre said.

At Turnberry Place, NobleSeal SIS is being installed over a solid core 8-inch concrete slab.

Many of these units incorporate hardwood, carpet and stone in different areas. When these diverse flooring materials, each with its own height profile, come together, NobleSeal SIS, with a thin (3/64-inch) profile, eliminates the need for depressed slabs or altering door or cabinet heights. It allows for a more seamless transition between each floor covering.

Unlike many of its competitors, NobleSeal SIS offers the additional benefits of crack isolation and waterproofing. With the growing trend towards large stone and tile pavers, addressing crack isolation is becoming a much more critical part of the installation.

NobleSeal SIS offers superior crack isolation performance, owing to the CPE technology at the core of each sheet, with a non-woven polyester scrim acting as an interface on each side of the sheet. This unique “indirect bond” allows true isolation between the oversized tile and stone pavers and the substrate.

bpr4.jpg (75617 bytes)If needed, this versatile sheet membrane can also serve as a waterproof membrane, insuring that floor surfaces in large master baths allow no water to leak beyond or below.

While Las Vegas is known for searing summer heat, mornings in the fall and winter can be cool, crisp, and sometimes downright cold. Turnberry residents opting for radiant heat to warm tile and stone surfaces will find the compatibility of
NobleSeal SIS with floor warming systems reassuring. The lightweight/gypsum based substrates often require unique installation methods to insure adequate bond, and the Noble Company offers these assurances by offering NobleBond® 21, a pressure-sensitive, water-based adhesive that bonds the sheet to the lightweight substrate.

NobleBond 21 allows the installer to start installing the tile or stone as soon as the sheet is embedded in the adhesive, saving the installer valuable time.

Corbin Setti, director of operations for Tower Two at Turnberry Place, has had the opportunity to closely scrutinize NobleSeal SIS.

"I’m impressed with the level of commitment that The Noble Company has dedicated to test facilities and research with regard to sound isolation," says Setti.

NobleSeal SIS is a patented product, manufactured by the Noble Company at their plant in Baton Rouge, La. Headquartered in Spring Lake, Mich., the Noble Company distributes their proprietary sheet membranes through a network of national and international distributors.

Truly a versatile product, NobleSeal SIS can provide the additional benefits of crack isolation and waterproofing in addition to reducing impact noise.

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