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  Sustainability, Economics, and Aesthetics Enhance the High-End Commercial Washroom

Although they are not the largest rooms in a building, restrooms – particularly those in high-end commercial establishments – make a huge impression on its clients and clientele, who expect these areas to be clean and comfortable. However, washrooms can be difficult to maintain. Dirt and water on backsplashes; bulky, balky flush valves and faucets, and waste bins overflowing with paper towels are not uncommon.

While many patrons try to keep things tidy, others do not. As a result, facility executives put a good deal of time and effort into decisions regarding the fixtures and fittings they install in their sites.

TOTO has the sustainable commercial products needed to solve these busy executive’s problems.

Sustainable commercial products by TOTO are engineered to help earn the indoor water credit in the U.S. Green Building Council's green LEED®building rating system, by directly contributing to the efficient operationof sustainable, high performance buildings.Helix EcoPower Wall Mount Faucet
TOTO’s proprietary EcoPower technology harnesses the kinetic energy of running water to power faucet and flush valve applications, which eliminate routine battery replacement and greatly reduce hazard battery disposal, helping to protect the environment from the potentially harmful substances used in them. It also eliminates the need for hard wiring, with its attendant labor and monthly electrical costs. With the simple insight that hands-free faucets and flush valves require an external power source (batteries or electricity), TOTO recognized the need to harness the power of Nature for a solution that was environmentally sustainable, economically sound, and protected the user from bacterial transmission with its hands-free operation.

Now available in an elegantly simple wall-mount design, Helix, this Polished Chrome fitting’s Smart Sensor system uses an infrared pulse to detect when hands are placed directly under the spout before releasing water, which eliminates the false positives that waste water. Once the hands are removed the water shuts off immediately, another saving water feature. Its spout-tip sensor is recessed and carefully hidden from view -- making it vandal resistant. In addition, the TOTO Smart Sensor sets its own detection range when installed. This self-adjusting feature eliminates the need for ongoing adjustments by the maintenance staff.

This high-efficiency fitting uses a mere 0.8 gallons per 60-second cycle. However, because the average use-cycle is less than 60 seconds, the Helix’s estimated water discharge per user is closer to 0.08 gallons.

New cover plate designs for the EcoPower high-efficiency flush valves - both toilet and urinal - are aesthetically pleasing in their clean, simple lines with brushed satin finish. They are available in 14- by 12-inch and 4-by 4-inch sizes.Efficiency for the Toilet, Urinal, and Flush Valve
TOTO’s 1.28 gpf High Efficiency Toilets (available as ADA-compliant floor or wall mount), 0.5 gpf High Efficiency Urinals, and EcoPower 1.28 and 0.5 gpf sensor flush valves are system engineered to work together to provide optimal performance and water savings.

TOTO high-efficiency toilets, urinals, and flush valves help to save money in commercial environments by providing unsurpassed performance and reliability that reduces maintenance costs. Engineered as a system, the only way to insure maximum performance is to use TOTO valves and china in concert, as their efficiency and performance are tested together.

The elegant new cover plate designs (14- by 12-inch and 4- by 4-inch) for the EcoPower high-efficiency flush valves – both toilet and urinal – are aesthetically pleasing in their clean, simple lines with brushed satin finish.

These new high efficiency, high performance fixtures and fittings are engineered to help to earn the indoor water credit in the US Green Building Council’s green LEED® building rating system, by directly contributing to the efficient operation of sustainable, high performance buildings. TOTO high-efficiency toilets, urinals, and EcoPower high-efficiency faucets and flush valves can achieve a 30% reduction over baseline water use in commercial buildings in the LEED program.

For more information, consumers may visit www.totousa.com or call 888.295.8134.

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