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D4COST Software

  Taking Back Time Saving Yourself and Your Business With Bidding Technology

Taking Back Time Saving Yourself and Your Business With Bidding Technology

No one will argue that estimators have it hard. Long hours of estimating projects that may or may not lead to a sale. Working to oversee projects that could potentially drain all your profits and run over schedule. Admittedly, with such grueling hours and the pressure of impending deadlines, no one can be expected to hand in a bid without a single mistake or missed item. And most estimators don’t have the time or resources available to initiate triple checks on every line of every bid.

In the current economic climate, heightened estimating competition is an ever-growing beast that is becoming harder to fight without the proper weapons. Alternately, that initial leap into digital tools can be intimidating. And there is more to that fear than initial sticker shock; there’s the anxiety of learning a new technology, the issue of trusting an intangible, paperless format, and the worst fear of all—dreaded change.

Fortunately, as thousands of estimators have already learned, change is good—technological change in particular. The kind of change that is sweeping the construction industry is also improving the industry by providing a toolbox of functions to propel business forward. Any estimating software worth its price is more of a system, as opposed to a simple computer program packed neatly onto a CD. On Center Software’s Quick Bid, in particular, is certainly more than that. Quick Bid is a bidding software program, yes, but it is also a supply database, a vendor communication system, a shortcut to obtaining material quotes, and a calculator that performs its own checks instantly. And aside from the long list of internal functions, added benefits include multiple training options, live technical support, and software solutions to cover all bases of a project, from takeoff to project completion. As the list of software functions continues, big scary change loses its power of intimidation.

First, you have to think ROI. Investments should be chosen wisely, especially in a volatile economy like ours. Every dollar out has to count for something. Alternately, when it comes to major software purchases, every dollar out has to count for a future dollar back in your pocket.

Now, think ROT (return on time). Yes, training takes away valuable estimating time, but it returns hours, even days or weeks, once your digital estimating system is in place. On Center Software’s client and self-described “biggest cheerleader,” RTI Construction’s Joe Riley says about Quick Bid, “There’s not a job out there that we can’t bid in one day.” This is the claim heard ‘round On Center Software on a regular basis, by many different clients. Client BakerTriangle’s Tom Wisdom says that On Center Software programs “allow me to bid 40%+ more jobs in the same amount of time as before. The On Center Software programs are a wonder as they are constantly upgraded to meet the ever-increasing demands of estimators in many fields.”

As a company that creates technology for the construction industry, On Center Software’s goal is to provide assistance to the construction professionals by simplifying the tasks of estimating and project management. With this goal in mind, a new world of technology is emerging, and the construction industry’s continued perseverance depends upon its ability to embrace change and seek new methods for improving efficiency. The global transition from manual to digital estimating is well underway, and it is a transition into a better world of construction.


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