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  Maxxon® Provides Proven Sound and Design Solutions for Today’s Upscale Lofts

WireWorks Lofts in St. Louis, Missouri is an upscale residential, office and retail complex that includes loft apartments, an on-site restaurant, bar and market. Located in the historic Lafayette Square, the five-building complex was a functioning factory for Western Wire Products up until only a few years ago.

Parkside Development Corporation and The Siedlund Company joined up in 1999 to buy the five buildings from Western Wire Products Co., when Western Wire moved to a more modern building. Parkside and Siedlund then developed the 150,000 square foot former factory into an upscale complex with 80 lofts ranging from 800 square feet to just under 1,700 square feet. In addition a restaurant and marketplace called SqWire is incorporated into the urban project.

Converting a factory into urban lofts can pose tricky sound control problems especially when one of the distinctive architectural features is that the building is an open beam structure. The developers knew an open beam structure would be a big selling point to future residents. However an open beam structure is a large open-air structure, and it is a proven fact that the larger the air space, the greater the need for sound control. Acousti-Mat® 3 by Maxxon Corporation allowed the developer to keep the open beam ceilings without sacrificing sound control.

Level-Tech Systems, a licensed Maxxon® applicator installed over 16,000 square feet of Acousti-Mat® 3 in WireWorks Lofts.Acousti-Mat 3 provides superior sound control when used in open beam, concrete slab and conventional wood frame floor systems. Acousti-Mat 3 consists of a nylon core of fused, entangled filaments attached to a non-woven fabric that increases IIC and STC levels up to 17 points over wood frame, and IIC up to 25 points over concrete. Level-Tech Systems of St. Louis installed over 16,000 square feet of Acousti-Mat 3 in WireWorks.

For multi-family projects without Acousti-Mat, floor covering options are limited to basic carpet and pad to meet standard multi-family sound rating requirements of 45 F-11C and F-STC, and 50 IIC and STC. But with an Acousti-Mat system, design possibilities include the full spectrum of floor goods such as marble, ceramic tile, hardwoods and, with the addition of Level- Right® WearTop, even the concrete floor look. All without sacrificing sound control.

The concrete floor look is popular in many of the renovations of industrial buildings into residential lofts today. Maxxon’s Level-Right® WearTop, when used in conjunction with Acousti- Mat, delivers sound control and the industrial modern look of concrete floors. The Security Warehouse Lofts, a 58-unit warehouse renovation in Minneapolis, designed by Oertel Architects utilized Maxxon® Underlayment, Acousti-Mat 3, and Level- Right WearTop as part of their design.

Deb Brandwick, AIA, project architect said, “We started with the Maxxon underlayment and Acousti-Mat product to deal with the sound control between floors and worked in the Level- Right WearTop as a finished product. The look really went with the building and people really liked it.”

Level-Right WearTop is a self-leveling Portland cement-based topping for resurfacing concrete floors. Level-Right WearTop is installed over interior concrete subfloors to provide level and smooth floors for retail, commercial, light manufacturing areas and all areas requiring a hard, smooth, flat concrete surface. Level- Right WearTop is coated with a Maxxon approved sealer and is ready for foot traffic in two hours.

The Acousti-Mat® system offers designers the option to work with a full spectrum of floor goods, and with the addition of Level-Right® WearTop, even the new popular concrete floor look.When used with Maxxon underlayment and Acousti-Mat, Level-Right WearTop offers a complete system for sound deadening for popular design finishes. “The majority of the units stuck with the concrete finish look with the remaining units upgrading to wood flooring,” continued Brandwick. The project was completed early this year and is completely sold.

TM Construction Company of Rochester, Minnesota installed all of the Maxxon products used in the Security Warehouse Lofts. For more information about Acousti-Mat, Level-Right WearTop, and Maxxon’s full line of sound control products, visit www.maxxoncorporation.com.

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