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  GThurm Windows by Graham Architectural Products
Graham introduces new R 5.5 windows featuring G2RP technology with an AW-90 rating at the 2010 AIA Show

GThurm products are the most energy efficient glass-reinforced polyurethane AW-rated window line and curtain wall line ever developed. Built on the foundation of G2RP technology, GThurm windows can obtain U-values as low as 0.18 using readily available glazing technology.Graham Architectural Products a leading manufacturer of architectural-grade windows, doors and curtain wall, based in York, Penn., has launched a new line of high-efficiency window products called GThurm.

As the first American-made architecturally rated (AW) windows to feature thermal transmission measures as low as
U 0.18 (R 5.5), using readily available insulating glass, GThurm windows are expected to revolutionize the architectural and construction industry.

GThurm windows feature Graham glass-reinforced polyurethane (G2RP) technology, offering improved dimensional stability, durability, thermal insulation and environmental friendliness. G2RP technology employs a unique polyurethane-forming system made by Bayer MaterialScience LLC. To create these superior strength windows, 80 percent continuous stranded glass content is combined with 20 percent resin to produce window lineals using a pultrusion process.

Unlike traditional fiberglass window lineals, window lineals pultruded with the G2RP process require no additional reinforcement for structural integrity. The unique process allows for lightweight framing with superior structural performance and a thermal performance nearly triple that of ordinary AW-rated products.

GThurm windows have two rows of compression type weather-stripping for an air- and water-tight system.“We chose to introduce our new GThurm windows during the AIA Convention & Expo because it is one of the largest gatherings of architectural minds in America,” said GAP President and CEO Brian Hurley. “The line really shows Graham’s commitment to energy efficient and environmentally friendly design. GThurm windows are one of the most energy efficient window lines currently available for commercial and high performance buildings.”

GThurm windows have heavy-duty, 4-bar stainless steel hinges for superior strength and durability.In addition to superior strength and increased energy efficiency, GThurm windows are also environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable design. The GThurm lineals use 57 percent less energy per pound of raw materials to produce than comparable aluminum designs, making it a sustainable design. Also, the G2RP pultrusion process uses a polyurethane resin, which contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For more information call 717-849-8100 or visit www.grahamwindows.com.

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