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In today’s image-centric world, any designer or club owner knows creating a unique look and mood for a business is necessary to draw crowds. 

Just ask Production Manager Dan Cochran at The Orange Peel live music and concert venue in Asheville, N.C., and he’ll tell you how important aesthetics are. 

“Basically everything to do with The Orange Peel revolves around looks and aesthetics,” Cochran said. 

The Orange Peel’s large colorful wall mural, wood floors and stainless steel accents are testament to his statement, creating a modern and trendy club atmosphere for club patrons. 

That’s why The Orange Peel turned to a perfectly coordinating 16-foot ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans when, according to Cochran, “keeping 1,000 people cool became a Big Ass problem.”

In The Orange Peel’s case, the aluminum fan compliments the metal rigging, lights and bar accents that make the club appealing and unique. However, Big Ass Fans can be powder-coated in any color to match any interior design. 

These behemoth 6 to 24-foot diameter fans work on the principle of moving high volumes of air at low speeds. The Powerfoil Big Ass Fan, the premier design of the company, circulates up to 337,000 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). 

The fans’ ten hollow, extruded aluminum blades gently push a column of air to the ground creating a comfortable breeze and excellent air circulation. A Big Ass Fan can actually lower the effective temperature of a building by 8 to 12 degrees. 

Previously, The Orange Peel just had an air handling system, but that air was constricted in capacity crowds. After installing the Big Ass Fan the problems were solved; air was circulated and the fan fit right in with the style of the club.

If you step foot inside the club you can tell the staff have taken pride in making The Orange Peel an eye- catching hangout, and a comfortable one. In fact, with their Big Ass Fan Cochran says complaints about the heat have nearly disappeared.

“Customers and clients love the fan. It’s a showpiece in The Orange Peel,” Cochran said. “The most observed reaction by myself and other employees is when people in the crowd will just be looking up at the fan in amazement of its size. It’s a real attention-grabber and conversation piece.”

Big Ass Fans aren’t just a pretty face though, they provide function as well. While keeping the concert- goers cool, the fan offers many benefits for the club. 

Big Ass Fans operate for just pennies-an-hour making them very energy efficient. The Orange Peel’s fan proved to be very cost-effective and painless to install.

“Our Big Ass Fan saved us a lot of money by allowing us to forego installing air conditioning, which would cost a fortune,” Cochran said. “[Installing the fan] did not disrupt any business hours and was done on non-show days. It must have been relatively easy and affordable because I didn’t hear any crying coming from the office.”

Cochran says he is taking year-round advantage of his fan. During winter months, hot air can become trapped at the top of high-ceiling buildings, a condition known as stratification. When set to slower speeds the fan’s gentle movement pushes the warm air down, virtually eliminating floor to ceiling temperature differentials.

“The fan will definitely be used year-round. It helps keep the heat nice and even in our large venue,” Cochran said. 

The effects of the fans in winter also help heating costs by allowing heating equipment to work less to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

It’s safe to say Cochran is pleased with his Big Ass Fan. Especially since a seemingly industrial piece of equipment integrated perfectly into the club’s design, with maximum benefits.


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