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New California Target Store Features MeTecno USA® Panels Red-painted Panels Provide Protection, Desired Aesthetics

MeTecno USA-Morin Division metal panels combine with Target's signature red to create a sleek aesthetic and modern appeal at Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall's new Target location.

Nearly 57,000 square feet of panels add an all-around updated look to the store and surrounding mall. Products include MeTecno USA-Morin Division's Standing Seam Series, Concealed Fastener Series, Button Punch Series and Exposed Fastener Series.

Each product offers unique, distinctive styling while providing outstanding proven performance. Target chose MeTecno USA-Morin Division's aluminum Standing Seam Series for this project because of the product's superior resistance to corrosion.

"With the store only two miles from the ocean, corrosion resistance was a top priority when specifying a cladding material," explains architect Gregory Enzweiler of SGPA Architecture and Planning. "We decided to specify MeTecno USA's products due to the durable, quality aluminum used on their metal panels, and we're very pleased with the results." Additionally, Enzweiler noted that the panels provided the aesthetics the Westfield Design team desired for the large expanse of cladding required.

The Concealed Fastener Series and Exposed Fastener Series can be fabricated from aluminum, galvanized steel, Galvalume(r) or stainless steel. Coatings come in 16 colors to enhance appearance and provide increased weather resistance. The store's aluminum panels have an extra layer of colorful, custom-coated protection against the corrosive, salt-laden atmosphere - all the while supporting the retailer's strong branding day and night, in fair weather or foul.

The project architect, SGPA Architecture and Planning, was recently recognized as a green business by the San Diego Area Green Business Program. Fittingly, MeTecno USA's metal panels can contribute up to eight points toward the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(r) certification. Many of MeTecno USA's metal panels also contain recycled content, as much as 60% in its stainless steel products.

"The metal wall panels contribute a fresh, modern twist to the traditional Target store," explains Rachel Scholan, Marketing Manager of MeTecno USA. "We are pleased to help add an updated look to the store while providing premium functionality and corrosion resistance."

The project team consists of architect SGPA Architecture and Planning, San Diego, CA, installer California Sheet Metal, National City, CA, and general contractor Westfield LLC, Santee, CA. Westfield also owns the facility.

MeTecno USA maintains the distinctive ability to provide customers with a variety of insulated composite panels and architectural single element metal wall and roof product options from multiple plants across the country. Each division offers unique methods technology, products and services, and is available to assist with all of your metal panel needs. Going beyond aesthetics, MeTecno USA products contain a high-degree of recycled content and are readily recyclable at the end of their long service life. As a weather-resistant, energy-efficient addition to the building envelope, MeTecno USA products consistently contribute to USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits and overall LEED building certification.

About MeTecno USA:
MeTecno USA is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of metal panels, providing unsurpassed service to the entire North American market as well as export destinations. The four divisions of MeTecno USA - API, ASI, Benchmark and Morin - focus on design requirements for applications with factory-engineered insulated composite panels and architectural single element metal wall and roof panels. MeTecno USA serves the needs of the architectural, commercial/industrial, cold storage and food processing markets. Visit http://www.MeTecnoUSA.com for more information.

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